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medical chart review

Medical Chart Review and Summary

We translate medical information into clear, concise language, providing you with a powerful tool for presenting your case.

Medical charts can be complex, laden with vital information that can impact legal outcomes. Our experts have a sharp eye for uncovering hidden details, potential discrepancies, and essential timelines that can make all the difference in your case.


Chronological Summary of Major Events

We give structure to the chaos, enabling you to make sense of when events happened.

The vast size of medical records can be overwhelming. Our chronological summaries distill vast amounts of information into a concise, intelligible format, providing you with a clear path to follow. Each important event will be hyperlinked to the corresponding page in the medical chart. 


Research and Standards of Practice

Legal decisions hinge on solid evidence.

Our in-depth research provides you with a wealth of reliable information, empowering you to approach your case with a higher level of confidence. We provide medical research, standards of practice and best practice appropriate to each case. 

Ongoing Support from start to finish

Missing pieces can be a setback.

Our Identification of Missing Medical Records service is your puzzle-solving solution. We meticulously search through records to pinpoint gaps, ensuring your understanding of the complete medical history. With us by your side, rest assured no crucial details slip through the cracks. We also help develop deposition questions to provide clarity to big questions in the case. 

Cases We Support

Medical Malpractice

Legal nurse consultants are often involved in medical malpractice lawsuits. They review medical records, analyze the standard of care provided by healthcare professionals, and assist attorneys in identifying instances of negligence or deviation from accepted medical practices

Insurance and Disability

LNCs aid in insurance and disability claims by reviewing medical records and assessing the medical basis for the claims, ensuring that the claims align with the medical evidence presented.

Personal Injury

In personal injury cases where medical issues are central to the claims, LNCs help attorneys evaluate the extent of injuries and connect them to the incident in question. They may also provide insights on the impact of injuries on the plaintiff's life and potential future medical needs

Product Liability

When products cause injuries or adverse health effects, legal nurse consultants can assess the medical aspects of the case. They evaluate the nature and severity of injuries caused by the product and contribute to establishing causation between the product and the harm.

Workers' Compensation

LNCs assist in workers' compensation claims by reviewing medical records, evaluating the extent of workplace injuries or occupational illnesses, and determining if the provided medical treatment aligns with the required standard of care.

Toxic Tort

In cases where individuals are exposed to hazardous substances resulting in health issues, LNCs can evaluate the medical records and provide expertise on the causation and severity of injuries.

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